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Reginaldo Rodrigues da Silva Júnior

Software Testing and Execution | Object-Oriented Programming | Systems Design Development | Database Management | Project Planning and Development | Teleconference Training | Strategic Planning and Implementation | Process Optimization | Staff Coordination | Team Building and Leadership | IT Governace

Detail-oriented, versatile, and dedicated information technology professional, offering comprehensive experience in software engineering and development. Interested to pursue a position within the information technology industry within the United States.

Knowledgeable of web systems, desktop, distributed applications, web services, requirements elicitation, data modeling, database administration, and problem analysis. Recognized for verifiable record of success in handling and accomplishing assigned projects within specifications and time constraints.

Equipped with strong dedication to meeting and exceeding organizational goals and objectives while driving organizations toward business growth and development. Armed with solid communication, organizational, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

Armed with solid communication, organizational, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

Bilingual in English and Portuguese. Possess the eligibility for H-1B work.

Software Applications

ASP.NET, JSP/JSTL, Web Service (SOAP), Windows Forms, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Delphi

Programing Languages

C#, Java, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS


JSE/JEE, .NET, Hibernate/NHibernate

Database Systems

MS SQL Server, ORACLE Database, Firebird, MySQL


Apr 2004 - Present
Web Systems Analyst/Developer - Government Healthcare Public System
  • Take charge of overseeing all aspects of healthcare web systems analysis, implementation, and support
  • Provide expert oversight to the overall development and implementation of hospital systems in most public health systems of Bahia in order to regulate internal procedures
  • Execute the production implementation, and delivery of fully tested software application utilizing all phases of system development life cycle
  • Organize and facilitate training for users and handle the negotiation of business and system requirements with administrators and coordinators of the public health system units
  • Demonstrate expertise in ensuring the appropriate system usage
  • Direct the implementation of real-time online emergency web tracking system which enabled public healthcare administrators to access statistical data and determine appropriate reallocation of resources

Career Highlights:

  • Served as the driving force behind the development of appointment scheduling system that minimized appointment conflicts by 100%
  • Spearheaded the billing and revenue process for a public healthcare unit which led to reduction of posting time by 50%
  • Played a significant role in creating the first healthcare information system which was implemented throughout 70% of the state of Bahia healthcare units
  • Generated the incident management system according to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice to assist the Technical Support Team in providing efficient technical support, thus, leading to reduced cost and risk and improved customer experience
  • Took part in completing diverse projects within the areas of healthcare regulations, transplant network administration, administrative controls, and registration


Apr 1993–Feb 2004
IT Manager
  • Strategically oversaw hospital technology information area and supervising a team of five people
  • Handled all phases of network and database administration and ensured the quality of technical support to users
  • Displayed proficiency in using diverse technologies, including systems in Delphi and SQL Server as the database
  • Spearheaded the development of computer network system; facilitated training for employees according to computer basic skills, data entry, electronic editing, and spreadsheet usage

Career Highlights:

  • Carried out the overall unit informatization process which involved dimensioning the physical network
  • Led the development and application of three key systems which controlled patients' flow, biding and procurement and stock control
  • Served a significant role in leading the increase in the importance of the IT department in the medical administrative process
  • Exemplified expertise in implementing the inventory control system, asset registration, bidding administration and procurement systems as well as registration and patient flow system, nutritional control system, admission system, and discharged system for the public healthcare system
  • Played a key role for the recognition of the hospital as the most modern and computerized healthcare network system of the State of Bahia according to the public healthcare system state official


Earlier Career

CLIPPER Programmer

Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), BAHIA, BRAZIL

Aug 2010

Bachelor of Computer Science

Programming in C# Training (117 hours) - SALVADOR, BAHIA, BRAZIL | Feb 2013

Project Management Training (50 hours) - SALVADOR, BAHIA, BRAZIL | Mar 2012

Webmaster Training (30 hours) - SALVADOR, BAHIA, BRAZIL | Mar 2012

Oracle 9i (Fundamentals of Management, Performance Tuning, PL/SQL, Internet Applications and Report Building) (180 hours) - SALVADOR, BAHIA, BRAZIL | Oct 2004–Apr 2005

ITG Summit – First International Seminar on IT Governance (26 hours) - BRAZIL | Feb 2015–Mar 2015

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  • Hospital Monitoring System
  • Sending Credit Orders Remittance
  • Procedures Authorization Module
  • Issuance of Attestation and Certificates
  • System of Medical Occurrences on Carnival
  • Digital Document Repository
  • Attendance Management System